The course is called Soul-Centered Moving: A Spirited Course in Moving Cross Country Alone. So, when I say I’ve moved across the country 3 times, (2016 Update: I’ve now moved cross country 5 times! Moving cross country is stressful and scary and exhausting but I truly mean it when I say I’ve had three of the most amazing experiences of my life doing it. I know it’s possible to make a cross country trip alone, but as a single girl, I highly suggest, for your own safety and sanity, to bring along another human being for the ride. Believe me girl, I’ve been there. Get out there. See our country. There are few things as fascinating as seeing your country that way. Seeing the change in terrain, the change in culture, in accents, in weather, in food, in landmarks. We didn’t turn the cross-country drive into a long vacation, we made it in 3.5 days, but we did find some fun landmarks to visit while we were on the road. While focusing on the road should be your main priority, take time to admire everything around you. Whether you go for one of the looks you see online or customize your own get-up, the VSCO girl costume is so effortless and comfortable that it’s a Halloween costume you won’t want to take off.

Many college girls see Halloween as an opportunity to dress “slutty”, or as a “sexy insert-noun-here.” Of course, if this makes you feel sexy and confident, then more power to you! If you’re not ready to register yet, get a free download from the course, by signing up here. Then, once you’re ready to turn in for the night, you’ll be able to pull up hotels that are close by. When I was getting ready to move, I couldn’t find the answers and help that I was looking for. Looking for a great Halloween costume idea? Funny and easy to make, this Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head couples costume is a great option for Halloween. Jillian nailed this year’s Halloween costume. It’s about trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, bonfires, halloween costumes ideas for adults scary stories and most importantly Halloween costume parties! Halloween kids costume on your mind? Spider infection kids costume for halloween. Better yet, get your creativity on and modify this look for an FKA Twigs costume! Look for nearby towns close to your end “goal” city each day. Shoot, you might even realize after being cooped up in a small space for 14 hours everyday day that you are actually allergic to your cat.

Don’t chance your cat getting out in the car! Take a peek at Lauren Conrad to see how you can DIY this timeless Cat In the Hat inspired costume. When we’d stop, I’d take out a little food and water and see if she wanted any. I didn’t map my route mile by mile per day because I know it’s smarter to be a little more flexible. Roadside America is one of the best resources to find funky, unique attractions along your route! Here are some of the best glamping destinations in the USA! Because, truly, there is so much more to teach you about moving and making this next chapter of your life the best one yet. Camping and glamping both bring you closer to nature, but one provides a little more comfort (for a higher price). You can use a throw with a sophisticated color scheme or use one with a whimsical retro glamping theme like this Camp Casual Throw. This look can be done with a wig or (if you feel like really committing) you can shave your head.

You want your makeup to look nerdy and somewhat awkward. The key is to get those baby hairs (and some) laid, attach some clip-ins, and exaggerate the eyes with makeup. Makeup that’s somewhat smeared may actually help with the nerd look. A comfy tunic and a stretchy pair of leggings that’ll make you look bad to the bone? One day you might be absolutely exhausted and can’t make the last 100 miles of that leg. I also took about 60 different clips of video which one of these days I’ll make into a montage. The amazing views will surely make the experience worthwhile. Why not make light of those irritating 404 errors with this funny Halloween costume? This is why being awake and alert is so important. The course offers guided visualizations, workbooks, checklists, budgeting worksheets, vision board making, and so much more. So, I have also created a course to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know.

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