14. Dress all in red, with a Santa hat on your head. Afix plastic leaves of red, orange, baby girl halloween costumes yellow and green to your body. Cut out a large lightening bolt from a cardboard box and paint or color yellow. 27. Cut armholes out of a paper recycling leaf bag and attach fake autumn leaves purchased from a dollar store. Grab fake white fur and black Naugahyde from a craft store if you don’t have it at home. Convert the white fur into a beard and the black Naugahyde into a belt to make a Santa suit! 23. Find a deal on bags of cotton or fuzzy material and glue them onto a white or gray T-shirt. 29. Get a beige or brown t-shirt and cut fringe from the bottom up on the hem and sleeves (cut the bands off first). With felt and glue, make brown, beige and white bumps. 21. Wear white and safety pin on a large black “P” to your chest. Wear lots of bright eyeshadow, lipstick, and bold jewelry.

On the front, cut lots of fringes from light-colored felt and attach with glue. Usually, cuisine demands lots of knowledge and innovation that needs proper education and practice. Students at Marine Elementary participate in a program called STEAM, which combines engineering, math, technology, science, and art to create projects and problem-solve through the Lego Robotics program and Engineering is Elementary program. Fifth grade students are an important element in the school. Due in large part to low funding and subpar student achievement, Oregon’s public school system is worse than that of most states. Northeast is one of the highest performing schools in the state and in 2014 was awarded a National Blue Ribbon for being an exemplary high-performing school. The most popular choices are blue and pink, but you are not limited to these. Do you find it hard to make a decision about what you are going to be for Halloween this year?

You can even make a pointy hat and texture it the same way. It’s such a simple costume and I wanted to do so much more but you have no idea how much actually went wrong along the way. What a bright idea! Add a store bought hat or use one from your collection of Christmas decorations. Bonus if you pair up with a Christmas tree! Wear all gray, black or white, wear a pair of sunglasses and make ears out of black construction paper (the less crafty among us can also buy a set of ears and tail on Amazon). 18. Find scrubs in the thrift store or borrow a pair. If you can find a crown either at the thrift store or a dollar store you are the perfect prom queen! 15. Dust off that tacky 80s prom dress (or pick one up at a thrift store) and puff out your hair so it is BIG. Rim the top of the bag with leaves as if they were coming out the top. You can also create the puffy skirt by making a hoop out of some wire hangers and attaching it to the underneath part of the dress or to a petticoat.

12. Dress all in red. Carry a red bucket and a ring a hand bell. If you want to go super original and super cute, get this sushi costume! 17. Find a tropical shirt, khacki shorts, wear long socks pulled up over calves, get a big straw sun hat, wear a camera around neck, map in shirt pocket & sunglasses. Dress it up with other medical accessories either from the thrift store or a toy store (cheaper than buying real medical supplies) Wear with sneakers and you’re set. Little girls may like a frilly sun dress or a princess costume for her bear. No one makes soda look as good as the Fanta Girls. Boys and girls who are a bit naughty like to look more scary than other so that they could scare their friends and have more fun than other children. A bra or other “embarrassing” article of clothing over the head adds humor, an empty bottle of detergent or softener completes the look.

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