Blue Butterfly Costume to Make – This costume’s hat, boots and plump belly are just right for those cool autumn nights when most little creatures prefer to stay safely tucked into their cocoons. If you have extremely long hair, one of these might be just right for you. Personal Microphone on Your Back – This might come in handy for a Halloween costume because you can mae creepy noise that out of the back of your costume. If you’re standing alone at a party, it might be hard for people to know what you’re dressed as, but together, little girl halloween costumes the costume is totally Insta-worthy. Fire-breathing Dragon Costume : Crafts with Cellophane Projects – Amazing to look at yet surprisingly easy to put together, this disguise has a magical appeal for kids who love fairy tales. Make a Cat Mask Out of Leather – Learn how to make this cat mask from leather with the following step by step crafts activity. Cat Costume Making Directions for Children – Here’s a purr-fectly adorable cat costume that’s fun and easy for your child to make! Firefighter Hat : Fire Fighters Crafts for Children – – Check with your local fire department to see if they have sticker badges that could be used for a more realistic-looking badge.

Unwind in style or check out their mid-century modern club house, pool, dining and more. Using things you most likely have around the house, and a bit of creativity, you send your child out this fall to pounce for Halloween candy in style! All, you need to do is spray your hair black, if it’s not black already, and style it to match the character’s signature do. The pants are a dark purple as well to match. Here are some great lat minute ideas for you. Clever and Crafty Last Minute Costume Ideas – Need a last minute Halloween costume? Alien Costume – This cosmic costume – complete with Ping-Pong tentacles and a third eye – is literally out of this world! Cut out a slot, about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, in the front of the carton at your eye level. Then figure out where your mouth will be and cut out a hole for your mouth. Then slue on string, yarn, or strips of cut paper. On both top corners cut a hole and string one piece of elastic, string, or yarn around each holes and knot. Now glue string, yarn, or cut paper strips to the entire piece of cardboard (one side).

To make a costume beard, just cut out a triangle-ish piece of cardboard. Throw on a wig, take some pictures in a photobooth, costume store then blew up the strip at Kinkos and glue it to big piece of cardboard. Let it dry and then stick it on your head. Slip the smaller carton over your head. To put on the robot costume, hold the body carton high over your head, and slip your head and arms through the proper holes. Fancy Fairy Costume Making Directions – With this costume, a beautiful fairy will magically appear on your doorstep. The blower needs to be connected all the time to keep the tent inflated, the air column keeps the tent stable and will not collapse when people come in and out. Armed Forces Costume – This armed forces costume can be adapted to dress your child as a member of the army, navy or air force.

Pair a blue, long-sleeved dress with black pumps. Make Costume Claws with Gloves – Use an old pair of your gloves to make costume claws. Pull a pair of workman’s gloves over your hands and you are ready to terrorize your friends. Then put it on your face and then pull the string above your ears and tie in the back of your head. If you want some crazy hair to go with your silly disguise beard then you can maek your very own hairy wigs. The key is the red wig – which you could probably grab for cheap – but you could also use red Halloween hair spray. On the other hand, for the older girls, I have chosen black models combined with green and red. Not your typical Red Riding Hood. Make Devil Horns Headband – Make these devil horns for your devil costume. Devil and Ghost and Bat Costumes – Fun and easy costumes. Group costumes can be so much fun.

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