I have directions posted here for putting together a simple no-sew nun costume. Halloween is right around the corner, and you still have no idea what you want to be. Lean to the left, lean to the right. In conclusion, a Halloween medieval fancy dress costume is spooky, it is modern and it may be just the right thing for you. The iconic dress that Molly Ringwald wore in Pretty in Pink may seem impossible to recreate but New Dress a Day breaks it down so literally anyone can pull it off! A nerd costume is so much more than a sexy school girl outfit; you can include so much creativity in it. The villain everybody loves to hate makes a fast and easy teen girl costume! Last year was all about a hero and a villain. See a St. Philomena costume with directions here. Find directions to craft your own Veronica’s veil here.

Saint Veronica- Carry a veil with Jesus’ face on it. Saint Martha- Carry a broom. St. Elizabeth of Hungary- Carry a basket with some bread and roses. Can also carry bread or roses in your apron. There are some seriously epic options: You and your best friend can channel Cher and Di from Clueless, or your entire family could re-create the style of the Addams Family. If you’re going to a 50s theme party but not specifically a sock hop, there are plenty of creative ways to dress up in 50s attire. These characters have been constructed and reconstructed in many ways in popular culture culminating with today’s “The New Moon” movies and the “True Blood” TV show. Our Lady has so many titles, and just as many ways to dress up like her! A little makeup like kohl can make the look more dramatic provided the kid is interested.

You could wear a cute girls’ dress, Mary Jane shoes, white kid gloves, pigtails, rosy cheeks and fake eyelashes. Little Nellie of Holy God- White dress, rose colored socks. But you can recreate it with a green leaf print summer beach dress, halloweencostums green leaf crown headband and lots of vines leave garland. This costume set comes with the dress, long stockings, and a headband. Save the day with this Knight in Shining Armour Costume! Also, you should totally check out my All Saints’ Day food labels! If you and your bestie are more of the ethereal type, check out this sun and moon DIY costume tutorial from Eight Pepper Berries. Read more about putting together a St. Lucy costume here. You can shape a simple monstrance from aluminum foil or find a monstrance craft here. You can dress up as Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker, and even the eccentric Doc Brown with a few essentials like a funky jacket and leopard print leggings. Some let you know they can help you shed pounds, others guarantee insane jolts of energy, and some even brag wellbeing profits. Comfy and breathable cotton material,dyed in eco-friendly ways,not irritating even to the delicate baby skin. Part of the Pizza Pit skin set, the quirky costume is exactly what it sounds like: a foodie-themed jumpsuit topped with a jumbo tomato helmet that will have trick-or-treaters craving more than candy.

With programs like ‘The Walking Dead’ and films like ‘Invasion of the not quite dead’, 28 Days Later’ and ‘Day of the Dead’ how have human beings forgotten that Zombies are still a fancy dress option! Dress up like a queen or a princess saint! St. Olga of Kiev- First Christian Queen of Ukraine. Dress up like a First Communicant in a white dress and veil. There were many Saints who had a devotion to making their First Communion. It’s perfect to include all your best friends who come as your “pack” anyway. Victorian costume dresses come in all colors, styles, and plus sizes in budgets from affordable to luxury. For some creepy Victorian Halloween costumes, consider a vampire, ghost, bat, zombie, corpse bride, or a Dia de los Muertos inspired outfit. Here are some really creative Halloween costumes that have free patterns made from creative moms of teenagers. Dress up as your favorite book character and have a Happy Bookish Halloween!

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