The guided horseback ride allows you to ride a well-trained horse and indulge in a little champagne once you reach Sunset Hill. About halfway between Big Sur and Carmel, you’ll find the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge, shown in the opening sequence of Big Little Lies. You can also head up to the hotel for a full brunch at the Sur House, which is a restaurant with amazing Pacific Ocean views and a delicious menu. You can create the house out of cardboard and have your friend throw on a plaid suit to play the cranky (yet lovable) Carl. Coast is another great “food with a view, then check out the gallery” place to visit. After check-in, we walked around the resort, then took the 2 minute drive to our California Redwoods home away from home. Since the photo is long exposure, you have plenty of time to set the camera and then enjoy the night sky. This was a down time type of getaway.

The minute I heard about these luxurious safari style tents at their Redwood Canyon Glampsites, my youngest son and I planned a Ventana Glamping weekend getaway. Nepenthe, a 4 minute drive south of Ventana, is a great place to enjoy a meal. As you drive to Big Sur on the Coast Highway, the beautiful views will beckon you get out and explore on foot. It’s the epitome of 5 star luxury with stylish rustic decor in the most gorgeous, Big Sur setting. There is even debate amongst glampers, that saying “glamping” devalues luxury camping, which is what this really is. There are some fishing options nearby that you can go for. Cabins offer a unique rustic experience and can be built in some of the most remote places. That’s a good thing because there are so many fun places to check out during your time in Big Sur. We also had fun playing games, hiking and checking out Big Sur. Bag of Jelly Beans | Instead of doing a character impersonation, this cute idea lets you and your tween create a fun costume that imitates my favorite sweet treat!

Whether or not you have a baby, this bee costume is great for a trio. Glamping is a great way to truly enjoy nature instead of being annoyed by the discomforts that you may face. You get the full camping experience but you get to do it in a way that is so much more luxurious and comfortable. It was incredible to see the Milky Way and oodles of constellations. The hiking trails allow you the chance to see gorgeous views and scenic landscapes of the mountains. While the beach or the lake are probably better summer destinations, the mountains in the U.S. The Ranch House also serves delicious hot meals including steak dinners, so you don’t have to worry about cooking while you are there. While I was getting the low down on the inflatable tent designs I realised I was surrounded by them. The ensuite bathroom in your tent includes a shower, sink, and toilet.

Guests will be treated to silky-soft bed linens, ensuite bathrooms with heated floors, and a personal chef and butler. There are also full bathrooms with a hot shower and claw foot bathtub. There are several locations to stay at Auto Camp now, with the newest location opening up Fall 2020 in Cape Cod. Even when angels fall from grace, they’re still beautiful creatures. Short on time but still want your costume to be so not the drama? Not only are you saving some extra cash, but you’re also guaranteed to have a better night since you won’t spend every 15 minutes making sure your wig is still in place. It is water and weather resistant, making it one of the most comfortable facilities. If you’re a glamper, chucky girl costume there’s a good chance you’re not making all your meals at a camp stove. Let’s be honest: It doesn’t take much for a celebrity to look good on Halloween. Either shop a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle dress or shirt and you’re good to go!

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