Bonus tip: the bomber jacket can be worn year-round. You can dress up as Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker, and even the eccentric Doc Brown with a few essentials like a funky jacket and leopard print leggings. With added details like an orange puffy vest and an eccentric white wig, you and your boo thing will be the talk of the party. All you’ll need for this costume is 7 things like a pink dress, white gloves, and a crown to complete the final look. Things you’ll need are a khaki jumpsuit, a backpack, gloves, boots toy guns and lastly a ghostbusters symbol cutout. This is such an easy DIY costume just grab some gloves, a lab coat, goggles, and a wig and you have an easy Mad Scientist Costume. When a costume is paired with the right accessories, nothing and no one can stop you. This year, you can skip buying the overdone, demure Dorothy costume.

Rock Halloween night with this Jem and the Holograms costume from Sew, Bake Decorate! Don’t be stung for a costume on fright night with this freaky look. This Troop Beverly Hills costume tutorial from Studio DIY will have you chanting and singing camp songs all night long. Minions will always be a popular dress up choice and to pull this look off you’ll need a denim dress, yellow top and a yellow beanie. For this epic look you’ll need black and white face paint as well as a steady hand. To look this good it takes black, white and red face paint. Another great idea if you’re pressed for time and requires only minimal supplies including black face paint to make the eye mask and a black beanie. For this super cute idea you’ll need a pretty doll like dress and the wind is made from card off a cereal box. Check out Shannon’s post on CostumeWorks and see all the supplies you’ll need!

All you’ll need to pull this 80s Halloween costume off is a large cardboard box, hot glue, black spray paint, and different colored cardstock. With this makeup tutorial from Halloween Costumes, you’ll have everyone screaming your name 3 times! Red is the color of Halloween and no one can beat the classic little red riding hood costume for the college party. From ‘Harley Quinn’ to ‘Creepy Stitched Doll’ here’s some of the coolest DIY Costumes you can make this Halloween! Are you thinking of DIY Halloween costumes for your kids? If you are shopping Halloween Costumes for teenage girls, then it’s always better to go with the latest trends as more than most times, the most recent of the outfits is what a teenage girl wants. Wear an old girl scouts uniform with a sign: It’s the Boy Scouts who are supposed to be prepared. This is great of you want to look more cute than scary and it’s really simple too. With just a couple of simple items, this is perfect for a last-minute costume idea!

Even if you don’t find the exact right costume idea in this list, be open to different, creative, unique ideas. Be the queen of hearts with this creative idea. Hang battery-powered lights, ornaments, and candy canes to your branches. 30. Matching M&M’s candy Halloween costumes. Skip the overpriced (and likely flammable) Halloween costumes from the seasonal aisle and go in a cheaper direction: the things you already own. Find the largest selection of girls pirate costumes on the net at extremely competitive prices. Check out Dandy in the Bronx to find out how. So which fancy dress costumes should you pick out to be sure you’re looking drop dead gory this Season? 5. Dress in brown. Apply foundation as normal and then add brown circles around the eyes. Another take on the pop art look, the only difference here is the color of the spots which are painted brown. Remember, each color M&M has its own personality, so choose your color wisely.

22. Take a light bulb, color it yellow, and attach it to a head band. A bra or other “embarrassing” article of clothing over the head adds humor, an empty bottle of detergent or softener completes the look. Braid your hair. Wrap the ends with the pieces of hem from the t-shirt, and tie a headband around your head with a feather or two glued or stapled on. Don’t forget to add colored streaks in your hair for authenticity! Blogger Melinda takes on Lydia’s red wedding dress step-by-step so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed! There is no sewing involved so you don’t have to worry about rouge needles or safety pins. Grab fake white fur and black Naugahyde from a craft store if you don’t have it at home. You’ll use white and red eyshadow on the lids and blend with black. With Lindsey’s DIY tutorial, you’ll feel like a million bucks on a thrifty budget! In just a few short steps, without spending much money, here you have the ideal DIY Homemade Halloween costume!

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