Authentic Spanish Paella!! HUGE PAELLA + Market Food Tour in Valencia, Spain!

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VALENCIA, SPAIN – Welcome to Valencia, in Southern Spain and home to Paella Valenciana, the original and authentic paella and probably one of the most famous of all Spanish food. Today we’re going on a paella tour in Valencia where we’ll first visit the market to see the local ingredients, and then eat two very different but authentic paella in Valencia. Let’s get started!

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Mercado Central – To begin this amazing Spanish food day in Valencia we first walked around Mercado Central, the central market and one of the most beautiful markets in Europe. The market has everything you could ever want. Along with trying a few snacks like a Valencian farton, we checked out all the 10 most common ingredients that are a part of a Valencian paella.

Barraca Toni Montoliu ( – Next up we headed out to Barraca Toni Montoliu, a man who is preserving the tradition of family paella on his farm just outside of the city. He grows most of his own ingredients and prepared a huge pan of paella using fresh ingredients. Seeing the process was a huge learning experience for me and it was fantastic. The paella at Barraca Toni Montoliu is traditional and family style.

Casa Carmela ( – Next we drove over to Casa Carmela, a paella restaurant in Valencia since 1922, one of the oldest and most legendary. Their paella kitchen is absolutely insane, so many pans of paella cooking at once, all blazing over orange wood fire. They have taken Spanish food to the next level with their Valencian paella and are well known for their Socarrat – crispy caramelized rice at the bottom of the paella. It was for sure the best paella I’ve ever had in my life, hands down. We also tried their Fideuà – seafood noodles from Valencia.
Price – €60 per paella pan

It was an amazing day learning about traditional Paella Valenciana and the pride and care that goes into it. Again it’s easily the most recognized Spanish food and after learning about it today, I can fully agree.





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